I like a band.
Its kind of sad really.

5sos-official followz.

Are you American?

nope australian!!

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Major Cake flirting +

What's up!? How's it going :D

it’s goin good I just got some super duper exciting news so yeeee 8)

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It was on my dash like it was a suggestion :-) where did you get the boots? they are really cool!

omg I’m sorry tho bc that was the dumbest post for a suggestion lmao but they are doc martens u can get them from pretty much anywhere but like physically go in a store and try them on bc the sizing is weird then just go buy online or from a store !!

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@5sos u know somethin I don’t it’s not like u to be cold

black laces! :-)

Thank u !!! Can’t believe I’m still getting messages abt this I posted the shoes like a day ago

Yep, I'm pretty sure. I'm Irish but I'm too Americanized to even know lmao

ohh righto 8)

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I like how you turn from gangster to Irish within a flat second. Hehe 👌

is that what Irish ppl say???????

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follow dis super cool blog plaidmikey !!!


ah daylight?